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Photo Page:

Here are some pics I have of my car.More will be added as time allows.I will be getting a Digital camera in the near future to keep you updated on current projects.
Here they are.Disregard the vette pics ,they will be comming down soon.

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Here is the latest pic of my engine bay,Aug 24,2001.Its comming together now!

AT New England Dragway,OCT 3,1996

My Centerline Billet Fluted Hawks.

The dynoing of my motor at the Procell Brothers shop in Orange,TX.Dynoed at 400hp at 5800rpm&410lbft at 4800rpm.What a BEAST!

One of my 4 runs that day,On October 3rd 1996.The first number didn't work,it's a 12.66.

Car comming of ramp.I trailered it because I live about 2 1/2 hours away.

This needs no explaination.

Curt"Guido"Ailes engine pic,another Third Gen fan whos thirst for forced induction power is never satisfied.Here is his 355,he has recently upped it to 406 inches,WOW!

Here is Preston Smith's wicked 305.Can you see the Turbo sitting just to the right of the battery box?Can you say 9sec ET's?

My Electromotive Tec II crank trigger.Goodbye distributor!

Invaluable.If you tinker with a Thirdgen,you gotta get one.Where do you think the Hanes manuals steal all their pics from?

My D1SC.Its on + off constantly.As you can see its off again.

My Crane self Aligning rockers.I removed the guide plates,and went this route,for 2 reasons,less valvetrain noise+Im not reving it over 6000.

My Brothers Mustang Motor pic,I know it's a Mustang,but because it's my brother I'll let it slide.

My brother's Kenne Bell supercharged Mustang.We just upped the boost to 8lbs this year,I think we can hit high 12's.

My Electromotive Tec II.I hate screwing with a distributor,and distributorless ignitions are the future,so I brought the future to my 89 Iroc.

Another pic of Mario's awesome TPI Torque Monster!
440lbft of torque,WOW!

Another good friend's car,Dave Sousa,AKA THE PINK FLAMINGO, from my hometown.He is repainting the engine bay in gloss black,it seems empty now,but it will all be worth it, when, in the comming months the 383 Superrammed Procharger huffed smallblock fill this engine bay!Stay tuned!

Here is Dave.This is all he can say when I ask,"Where's the Motor",But,I already know it's being built as we speak at a local engine shop.Car is going to easily run in the 10's no problem.Check back often,because the motor will be on the dyno,and we will be there for pics.

Here is another guy who who owned a Iroc-Z. Big dope went and sold the thing, and actually considered buying a mustang at one time. Truly a lost cause.

Too bad the hood wasn't on the car,maybe a good hit in the head would have knocked some sense into this senseless person.

Dave's fiberglass wing and hatch,it's for sale too,inquire through my e-mail address.

Here is a pic of my Art Morrison coil overs.