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About my Project :The Procharged 89 Iroc-Z
Picture of me,my girlfriend and her brother.She doesn't like my shirt,I do,what do you think guys? LOL!
Needed this little getaway trip to 6 Flags New England.Had fun and rode the Superman about 4 times. (I guess I just can't get away from speed anywhere I go) Had so much fun we went back a week later.

Im embarresed to say my first venture was get a 5.0.But,as a new driver I could not afford it at my yound age,the insurance alone would kill me.I settled on a 2.8 liter Camaro that I still ironically drive today and it drives great.I didn't know squat about engines or anything about cars for that matter.The 2.8 was plenty for me.
So fastforward a few years.I get a new good paying job,by now I just love the Thirdgens.I want a new car for the weekend,as the 2.8 is not enough anymore,after frequent rides in other V8 Irocs drives this point home.So im browsing over the classifieds,actually my friend was looking for me.He spots a 89 Iroc-Z 50,000 miles loaded 350 TPI,etc.I wasn't interested after I saw the asking price .My friend bugged the crap out of me just to go look at the car,I was quite stubborn not to go.But Im glad I went.
The Iroc was mint,stored in heated garage,this guy was serious about his car.One look and I know I wanted it,the drive I took only hammered it home in my head,my god that torque.But,the guy was desperate to sell,just bought a new house,needed a truck to refinish is,you know the story,sports car just isn't a capable family car anymore.I saw this and offered ,book was ,500 at the time.He said if he didn't get any offers by the end of the week,it would be mine.I can't believe how much of a pain in the butt I was calling him everyday for one week straight finding out the status of our deal everyday.Well you know the story,I got the car,bet his mouth would drop if he saw it now.
Well thats my story of how I got where I am today,I just snowballed me from the day I handed him the check for the car.Im a Thirdgen freak to say the least.Im hanging on to the 2.8 as long as I can,it will make a great strip car one day,for my son.

On May 21, 2001 I got engaged,I thought it was about time since it will be 7 years in Nov Ive been seeing my current girlfrind.I bought her a 1.05 carot Marquise diamond.I spent quite a small fortune,but she is worth it.I've spent so much money on the car,I don't think twice when it come to stuff like this.She has not said one word to me about the thousands I spend on my car,that alone is enough to make me want to marry her.In 2 years we will be married,I plan on getting my own house with a garage to match,she understands my obsession with garages.We are currently saving up for the big day,but Im curbing back my spending on the car,but not completly cutting it off,she wants to see me enjoy it as much as I would.

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